Serial No. 97331603
Filing date Mar 25, 2022

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Educational services, namely, conducting programs, seminars, lectures and workshops in the fields of science and medicine relating to immunobiology, immunotherapy, wellness, cancer, diseases, and disease prevention and management; educational services, nam Charitable fundraising services Promoting collaboration within the scientific, research, pharmaceutical, and medical communities to achieve advances in healthcare, including to accelerate the development and use of immunotherapy in treatment of disease; collection and management of medic Providing patient advocate services in the treatment of diseases and disorders utilizing immunotherapy Medical and pharmaceutical services; medical and pharmaceutical services relating to cancer; immunobiology and immunotherapy medical services; medical services, namely, the treatment of cancer, disease management, disease prevention and early detection, st Medical research services; research, development, technical design, testing, consulting and analysis services in the field of immunobiology, immunotherapy, antibodies, and oncology; research and development of antibodies, therapeutic products, vaccines, im

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Mar 25, 2022

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The University of Texas System

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Robin Lighter Maisashvili

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Fibbe Lightner LLP

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Service Mark