Serial No. 97457982
Filing date Jun 14, 2022

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Capture of greenhouse gases for others using chemical sorbents and direct air capture technology Concrete Transport and storage of greenhouse gases for others Fossil fuel substitutes with lower life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions; synthetic oils and lubricants Diamonds Trading and brokerage of carbon credits, offsets, and certificates Consulting services in the area of sustainable business solutions; business consulting in the field of climate change mitigation, namely, advising businesses and individuals on issues of climate change impact, and market and economic analysis Captured carbon dioxide (CO2); carbon dioxide (CO2) filled cylinders and cartridges; carbon; chemical gases used in industry, all in liquid and gaseous form Apparatus for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from air Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; beer Measurement and verification of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission offsets; providing scientific information, advice and consultancy relating to carbon offsetting; research and development in the field of capture and storage of greenhouse gas

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Jun 14, 2022

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Unemit, Inc. 2576 Virginia Street Berkeley CA 94709

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Alyssa Morgan Worsham

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Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

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