Serial No. 97524106
Filing date Jul 28, 2022

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recycling; fuel refining; rental of chemical processing machines and apparatus; providing material treatment information electrolysis apparatus for laboratory use; measuring or testing machines and instruments for measuring the temperature, pressure, position or form of workpieces in a machine tool; electric power distribution or control machines and apparatus; replacement p reservoirs, not of metal or plastics chemical processing machines and apparatus, dissolving, extracting, sintering, emulsifying, kneading, calcining, granulating, blending, filtering, separating, sorting and/or dust collecting machines; non-electric prime movers, pipe layers, fork lifts, tele Reservoirs of metal; fluid storage tanks or reservoirs of metal; containers of metal for compressed gas, sold empty building construction, marine construction; installation of metalworking, office, plastics processing machines; providing construction information; operation and maintenance of building construction equipment; repair or maintenance of reservoirs gas purifiers; electrochemical gas generators; industrial furnaces reservoirs, not of metal nor of masonry; storage tanks, not of metal or masonry architectural design; designing of machines, apparatus, instruments (including their parts) or systems composed of such machines, apparatus and instruments; computer software design, computer programming, or maintenance of computer software; providing temp

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Jul 28, 2022

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Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

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Anna King

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Banner & Witcoff

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Service Mark