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Last week I published a post detailing the importance of pursuing and developing patent licensing agreements to monetize IP assets. This analysis does gloss over some ... Read More »
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A main goal of the patent system is to incentivize innovation within an economy. Investment in the research and development of inventions can be substantial. Without... Read More »
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Two weeks ago, on the first day of the new year, the world collectively switched to a new way of thinking about innovation. The switch was to a harmonized, collective ... Read More »
In 2012, Chinese inventors filed more patent applications than those in any other country--including the United States. In a recent Booz & Company report (Ed: now ... Read More »
A certain patent-holding company wants to enforce its patent--that is, prevent another company from making and selling the invention described in that patent. That... Read More »
Nokia, RIM, Motorola, Google, Apple and Samsung. In 2012, they captured our imaginations by pushing the boundaries of mobile technology and our media attention by... Read More »
Undoubtedly, 2012 was a big year for the intellectual property world. Significant developments not only in the United States at the USPTO but around the world will... Read More »
"In a sense, the patent system is itself a prize system, albeit a peculiar one." In a 2007 paper Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University professor and... Read More »
If you have a moment, please take our short survey (3 questions!) to help us improve your experience. Looking back on 2012 and ahead to 2013, the... Read More »
Early this week the European Union finally accomplished what has long seemed highly unlikely--a unified European Patent known as the "unitary" patent... Read More »
When Google purchased Motorola earlier this year, their intent to monopolize on Motorola's well-established patent portfolio was clear. As a result... Read More »
The non-practicing entity (NPE) model of accruing patents holds a delicate position in the patent sphere. In theory NPEs could help spread innovation, but in... Read More »
Whenever it comes time to scapegoat someone in the IP world, “patent troll” is the pejorative of choice. Even in polite company, “non-practicing... Read More »
The America Invents Act focused largely on the question of priority rights to patent inventions. The new legislative language described changes to patentability... Read More »
Patents, the heart of our intellectual property system, do not have a straightforward value. But they are property; individuals and organizations can maintain... Read More »
This articles is the last of a four-part series examining the USPTO’s role in administering the patent system. Other articles in this series: Part I... Read More »