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The ITC has been a venue of choice for non-practicing entities to assert their patent rights by way of import injunctions. CNET reports that a new pilot initiative... Read More »
The Financial Times reports that IV and other patent assertion entities are taking aim at America's big banks. Finance patents too, like business method and... Read More »
Last week the German parliament passed a joint motion addressing the increasingly severa problem of software patent protection, reports IP Watch. The parliament seeks ... Read More »
Richard SwannWe were actually just discussing this in the commercial internet group!
Jun 17, 2013
In a long-awaited decision, the supreme court has finally issued a ruling striking down the central patented matter in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad... Read More »
Patently Apple reports that this week's issue of the USPTO Official Gazette included patent 8,459,544 -- "Parental Controls." Though the patent... Read More »
As the New York Times reports, the executive branch is looking to take action against frivolous lawsuits from so-called "patent trolls." The announcement... Read More »
The illustrious Jeremy over at IPKat was recently kind enough to feature a post by yours truly weighing in on recent talks of accelerated patent prosecution. The... Read More »
The latest contest is a search for licensing opportunities for a stent technology to reduce complications associated with stent thrombosis--or blood clots in a blood... Read More »
Patexia's latest contest relates to a display system on which users can select and drag images to move them. In particular, this contest focuses on a certain... Read More »
Apple's quarterly earnings report came out better than some anticipated, reports Businessweek. The company saw continued success with its latest iProducts... Read More »
Last week I published a post detailing the importance of pursuing and developing patent licensing agreements to monetize IP assets. This analysis does gloss over some ... Read More »
In the past we’ve written pretty extensively on some of the problems plaguing the patent system, from the USPTO to NPEs, and some possible solutions for them... Read More »
Patent licensing has the opportunity to be much more lucrative than simply selling a patent, particularly for the small percentage of inventions that become... Read More »
Selling a patent is often the best way for an individual inventor to monetize their invention. Especially when considering that a large majority of patents do not end... Read More »
If you know exactly which patent you want, by number or title, finding a patent is a pretty simple process. A variety of online tools offer this ability, differing in ... Read More »
Patenting an invention is an expensive process. Enough so that independent inventors should consider very carefully whether this type of intellectual property... Read More »
In the United States the only way to get a new patent is by filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is just the... Read More »
A provisional patent application is often a first step in the patenting process. The patent office does not examine this type of application, and it cannot become a... Read More »
In an anomalous decision last week, India's highest court ruled that pharmaceutical company Novartis would not be granted renewed IP rights for one of its cancer... Read More »
This week, the research team has uploaded a tutorial contest to help guide future submissions to Patexia's contests. Whether you're a veteran searcher... Read More »