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The next IP matters webinar is going to cover patent enforcement in China with Michael Lin. He has over 13 years of experience in pan-Asia IP law. It should be a... Read More »
We are working hard to make the contest process as transparent as possible, as well as provide more feedback to users on their submissions. We will be providing... Read More »
It turns out that it'll be IPKat's 10th anniversay in just a few days. Congratulations to them! To celebrate they're putting on a seminar on IP and... Read More »
The Patexia Leaderboard has been updated with new winners. Congratulations to Reza Aragenty Pagaila and Saurabh Sharma who have both made it onto the board for the... Read More »
The Patexia team and contributors have been publishing in the newsfeed for over two years now. Here is a short collection of our favorite articles, written... Read More »
Vermont just passed an interesting law to deal with the patent trolling. "Under the law, purported patent trolls can be sued by businesses that say they've... Read More »
Learn about Patent Monetization Strategies (how to get the most out of your patents) from Peter Kim, Principal at Irvine Pointe and former Director of IP Strategy at... Read More »
If you want to see the patent types webinar on May 9th, make sure you register by Thursday. The webinar will cover the parts and types of patents. It will be given by... Read More »
Mohit Yadav was a runner up in the Neural discharge for predicting cardiac disease contest that closed a few weeks ago. After his victory we interviewed him... Read More »
According to the EBSCO site: "The Most Comprehensive Index of Science, Technical, Medical and Business Content for Prior Art Literature, Available All... Read More »
The next IP Matters webinar will take place on May 9th at 1:30PM ET. The talk will last for 20 minutes and cover the different parts of a patent and patent types... Read More »
We paid our first referral prize of $500 last week. The winner of the prized referred the winner of the Coronary Stent Imaging contest. Both winners preferred not to... Read More »
We've finalized the plans for our next webinar. It'll be on patents and patent types. The goal is to teach more of the fundamental patent knowledge you'll ... Read More »
The recording and slides for the webinar are available now on the webinar page. We were very excited to have our first guest speaker and really enjoyed the talk... Read More »
We've put together a first version of the Patexia Leaderboard. The leaderboard ranks the top 10 Patexia members based on overall contest winnings. Sometimes... Read More »
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Jun 13, 2013
Sibelle Andrade, an intellectual property analyst from Brazil, won $500 in the recent Jetpack contest. In the wake of her victory we interviewed her about her... Read More »
The next installment of the Patexia IP Matters Web Series will talk about Defensive Publication and will take place on April 11th at 10:30AM PT. Defensive... Read More »
And it's all kinds of awesome. Guy Builds Solar-Powered Death Ray In His Backyard (Yawn) : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR What are you doing this weekend? Bet you're... Read More »
Stuart Soffer made an excellent guest post at Patently-o recently with his top 10 secrets for locating non-patent prior art. Tips included going offline... Read More »
The first installment of the Patexia IP Matters Web Series took place today. You can see a recording of the webinar and the slides below. The next webinar is... Read More »