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10+ years of experience as Patent Engineer (Systems Analyst)

• Specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) and Business Intelligence (BI) research.

• Performed Patent Review (PA), investigated Marketplace Relevance (MR), searched Evidence of Use (EoU) and created Claim Charts (CC) for Dynamic IP Deals for their Technology Investment Banking, resulting in successful patent sales.

• Did Patent Mining (PM), Infringement Analysis (IA) and Validity Analysis (VA) Technology Investment Banking.

• Searched Evidence of Use (EoU) and created Claim Charts (CC) for Intellectual Property Solutions.

• Conducted Prior Art Searches (PAS), Evidence of Use (EoU) and Market Research (MR).

• Submitted Patent Research Studies and Claim Mapping Studies.

• Carried out Literature Analysis, Prior-Art Searches, Patent File History/Wrapper Analysis, Patent Portfolio Analysis.

• Did Claim Element Mapping, Claim Interpretation, Claim Chart Creation for infringement analyses, licensing and litigation-related activities.

• Made numerous unsolicited proposals for the organisation's continuous improvement and business development opportunities.

• Analysed Intellectual Property (IP) in many technological fields for potential applicability to products and/or standards, including consumer electronics and communication networks.

• Performed Device Teardown, Functional Testing, for Reverse Engineering (RE) of consumer goods and appliances.

• Conducted Patent Searching, Patent Sorting, Patent Mining, Patent Landscaping, Patent Reviews, Claims Analysis, Claim Chart Drafting.

• Wrote reports with Taxonomy, Macro Analysis, Micro Analysis, Nano Analysis, Golden Asset Identification for electronics company clients.

• Did Competitive Intelligence, Patent Watches, Invalidity Search.

• Automated patent analysis process and streamlined correct-by-construction methodologies with RunRev LiveCode scripts, Excel formulae and functions, Excel macros, etc., greatly increasing productivity.

10+ years of experience as R & D Engineer (Innovator)

• Drafted, filed and prosecuted more than 60 solo patent applications in many fields, i.e., electronics, magnetics, optics, dynamics, software, hardware, energy, safety, environment, medical, consumer goods, sporting goods, fashion, etc., resulting in more than 50 granted patents.

• Practised cross-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary approach to research & development process, creating novel products/services.

• Filed claims for Revenue Canada's Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) programme, receiving tax credit for many years.

• Sought funding from National Research Council Canada (NRC)'s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), receiving advice several times.

• Conceived, patented, designed and commercialised inventions like "MagneScribe™: A 3-in-1 Auto-Retractable Ballpoint Pen with an Ergonomic Cushion that Leonardo da Vinci would have loved to wear!" and "Magic Spicer™: Self-Sealing Auto-Aligning Magnetically-Hanging Spice Dispenser with a Continuously-Variable Hole-Size Selector".

P.Eng./ing., M.Eng. (Engineering Physics), F.N.A., IEEE-SM, WFS-LM