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Enjoy this week’s wrap up of trending medical news!   Rats paralyzed due to spinal cord injury walking again thanks to new therapy Rats that... Read More »
Here's your weekly wrap up of the top medical news! Baby kept alive with world’s smallest artificial heart Italian doctors are reporting that... Read More »
Aurora SterlingThe connections between industry and research are always interesting
Jul 5, 2012
Here’s your weekly roundup of exciting medical news. Paralyzed people control robotic arms directly with brain activity A new study in Nature... Read More »
Here’s the top medical news of this week! Promising new HIV treatments give hope for eventual cure   The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)... Read More »
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Collaborative research utilizes 'social networking' science to identify IQ gene   Everyone has been talking about a new study that links... Read More »
This week's high-tech headlines and trends ... New research could create cellphones that see through walls   Researchers at the University of... Read More »
Since President Richard Nixon declared a 'War on Cancer' with the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971, the US has spent more than $100 billion on... Read More »
Anonymous a great illustration of the need for reform in the pharmaceutical industry:
Apr 20, 2012
Caroline GreenCancer research indeed should be supported. Hope less people will suffer form cancers.
Nov 27, 2015
Resistant malaria spreads as research funding challenges continue Resistant malaria strains have recently been reported in Cambodia, Thailand and parts of... Read More »
Here are the top medical headlines of the week! Gene sequencing may not actually be useful in determining health risks Over the past several years the world... Read More »
Here’s the weekly collection of hot medical news! Health on trial at the Supreme Court The Supreme Court has been busy with health topics. First... Read More »
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Here’s your weekly collection of medical news making waves this week. Robotic surgery: Improving patient outcomes and opening the door for telesurgery... Read More »
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Contouring medical images -- deciding what tissue is normal and what is cancerous in an MRI, ultrasound, CT or other scan -- can be a tricky business. First... Read More »
Here's the weekly roundup of medical innovation trends and developments that are making headlines! Women have increased risk of in-hospital death following a... Read More »
Patients’ own cardiac stem cells regrow heart muscle Many heart attacks leave behind scar tissue, which inhibits cardiac functions for a patient’s... Read More »
Within a few years, people in remote villages in the developing world may be able to make their own solar panels, at low cost, using otherwise worthless agricultural... Read More »