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Enjoy this week’s wrap up of trending medical news!   Rats paralyzed due to spinal cord injury walking again thanks to new therapy Rats that... Read More »
Rats with spinal cord injuries and severe paralysis are now walking (and running) thanks to an astounding new therapy designed by a French research team.
It was unthinkable even a few years ago, but a new procedure replaces a faulty heart valve without open-heart surgery. "It really is going to change the way we... Read More »
Indiana University School of Medicine scientists have successfully implanted modified kidney cells that treated renal failure in rats -- research that could lead to... Read More »
A laboratory test used to detect disease and perform biological research could be made more than 3 million times more sensitive, according to researchers who combined... Read More »
A study published this week in Science demonstrates the potential of free-electron lasers (FEL) to obtain high-resolution structural insight into macromolecules. An... Read More »
Got knee pain? One of the major causes knee pain is uneven wear and tear on knee cartilage, which leads to arthritis. With support from the National Science... Read More »
The US Supreme Court won't hear appeals on the $44 million dollar verdict against French firm Saint-Gobain S.A., the culmination of a dispute... Read More »
The technique, developed at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, provides a shortcut for determining the structure of human integral membrane proteins (hIMPs)... Read More »
New research is showing that patients who are blind on one side of their visual field benefit from hearing sounds from that side. After passively hearing sounds for... Read More »
Joanne F. Shen, an ophthalmologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, discusses Lipiview and Lipiflow, two components of a new treatment for patients with dry eye, who have... Read More »
This new understanding of the structure and function of heart-wall muscle fiber could lead to engineering of artificial heart tissue. News: Study provides new insights ... Read More »
Doctors can now see behind the eardrum to diagnose chronic ear infections, thanks to a new medical imaging device, which could usher in a new suite... Read More »
New York University physicists have developed an oil-in-water solution, with surface properties that mimic those of biological cells. Specifically, adhesion between... Read More »
Whole genome data from hundreds of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital patients exceeds the volume of all other sources combined. World’s largest release of... Read More »
University of Washington bioengineers have developed the first structure to grow small human blood vessels, creating a 3-D test bed that offers a better way to study... Read More »
A cross-disciplinary team at the University of Pennsylvania has found that T cells, a key part of the immune system, track down parasites with a movement strategy... Read More »
Here's your weekly wrap up of the top medical news! Baby kept alive with world’s smallest artificial heart Italian doctors are reporting that... Read More »
Aurora SterlingThe connections between industry and research are always interesting
Jul 5, 2012
About six percent of the US population has a vocal disorder, often caused by scarred vocal chords. In this video, we meet researchers who have developed a polymer that ... Read More »
Italian doctors are reporting that they kept a 16-month-old boy alive for 13 days as he waited for a heart transplant by implanting him with the world’s... Read More »