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I hold the Field Proffessional for Logging & Perforating position with + 4 years of experience which consists on apply knowledge of logging products to acquire petrophysical data through the use of logging equipment on a customer's location.

Provide technical and operational expertise to external customers in a professional manner.

Responsible for pre-planning, job execution, post job analysis, and overall performance of company
assets on location.

I am involved in field operations related to Electric Well Logs:

Resistivity: Dual Laterolog, Microresistivity, Induction.
Nuclear: Photo Density, Dual Neutron, Gamma Ray and Spectral Gamma Ray.
Acoustic: Monopolar and dipolar.
Pressure: Formation Tester.

Direct contact with the client at field and office discussing about products and well log results. Delivering the data and offering the different services available or needed in specific situations.