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Well hello there.

I'm a self-described philomath with a background in research, entrepreneurship, and rapid learning. I graduated Cornell University after which I spent a year travelling and learning new things ( After returning from my travels I moved to Los Angeles and started working for Patexia.

Academics: Studied Economics, Psychology, and Physics. I've participated in both psychology (Socioemotional Selectivity Theory - Joseph Mikels) and physics research ('Supersolid' Helium 4 - JC Seamus Davis).

Entrepreneur: I've started several business endeavors, primarily in internet marketing/web development and information technology support.

Learning: A rapid learner, I've pursued a large variety hobbies including but not limited to: paragliding, flying aircraft, cooking, French, Spanish, Python, web development and programming, muay thai kickboxing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, krav maga, tango, salsa, powerlifting, piano, and windsurfing.

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