Patexia About Us

About Us

Thousands of Intellectual Property (IP) professionals globally trust Patexia when it comes to leveraging the power of technology, information, and experts’ collaboration. Our goal is to introduce more transparency and efficiency into the IP world, unlocking optimal results.

Founded in 2010, Patexia is more than mere algorithms and databases, and it’s not as straightforward as a “social network”. By fusing all of these concept into one powerful central source, we have created the globe’s largest online community for IP professionals – a much-needed niche in today’s overwhelming digital world.

Patexia quickly gained solid momentum; racking up thousands of members worldwide. We connect all stakeholders in IP such as patent attorneys, patent agents, scientists and inventors – all on a global scale.

Our Intellectual Property Services can be broken down into four distinct arms:

Insights, IP Jobs, Expert Witness and Crowd Search.

Connect to thousands of IP professionals – for full-time or part-time opportunities - from patent attorneys to agents, and testifying/non-testifying experts.

Our Crowd Search platform means Patexia can provide complex IP Due Diligence, including Patent Portfolio Analysis. This becomes possible through our robust crowdsourced prior art and evidence of use searches using our contest platform. The goal is to assist law firms and corporations with litigation and licensing.

Research using multiple tools that offer powerful visualization and analysis of patent and lawsuit data. From U.S. patents to applications, lawsuits, PTAB (IPR, CBM, PGR), IP law firms, patent attorneys, agents and examiners – Patexia turns traditionally cumbersome tasks into seamlessly engineered processes.

Insight will change the way you look at IP; with data-driven rankings and in-depth analysis of the IP sector from all possible angles. These include attorneys, law firms, companies, or judge’s performance.

If you’re ready to cut through the noise of the digital age and realign the focus to IP, and IP only, Join the Patexia Community Today!