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  • Harness the power of crowdsourcing to
    reduce patent litigation costs
  • Obtain meaningful market data from true
    subject matter experts
  • Find and consult with world-class IP
    experts for due diligence
  • Leverage the expertise of a global crowd
    to discover patent monetization opportunities
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  • Challenge the crowd to earn prizes, hone
    your skills, and be recognized
  • Consult with world-class organizations
    on projects in your field
  • Engage and collaborate with your peers
    on meaningful technical challenges
  • Access the patent and litigation data you
    need with the customizable analytics you want
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Lateral IP Opportunities

Patexia currently has over 200 lateral opportunities for IP professionals (litigation, prosecution, transactions) available through our Connect Platform. Applications are 100% confidential. Apply today!


Lawsuits, Patents and Attorneys

Search 10M+ patents, 50K+ lawsuits, 20K+ law firms, 70K+ attorneys, 15K+ Examiners and many more using our powerful research tools

Featured Partners

Human and Health Services

Crowdsourced Studies

US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) partners with Patexia to collaborate with its 11 agencies and crowdsource innovative solutions to problems facing HHS and its agencies.


Crowdsourced Studies

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NASA Tournament Lab

NASA Partners with Patexia to Crowdsource Innovative Solutions: NASA Open Innovation Services will collaborate with Patexia to crowdsource creative approaches to problems facing NASA and other federal agencies.

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