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CTO, Zreyas Technology
Ellicott City
Country United States  
Interests Science and Technology  
Degree: Ph.D  
Biplab Pal, PhD (US citizen) Telecom/Electronics/Data System consultant 7143090509[C] 14 years of experience in Telecommunication, Sensor System and Data Science :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Feb,2012-Present Zreyas Technology Inc, MD, USA & Autopredictivecoding LLC Founder and CTO for advanced technology consulting and development in Zreyas Technology Inc. I provide expert witness/technology discovery/code review for the litigators in the selected areas where I have Industrial and Research experience. Telecommunication data network architecture Dark Fiber related litigation Predictive analytic/Machine learning System on Chips ( SoC)- Integrated Chips Image processing Predictive analytic and Machine learning Optical electronics/Optical device Big Data (Hadoop) -discovery from Big data code base and architecture I have worked as expert witness ( expert report preparation & deposition) in Telecom related case involving two largest dark fiber providers of USA ( Zayo Group vs. Freedom : Case No. CV 12 1831 - JEM). I have done patent infringement and invalidation work as consulting expert to the litigators in the area of system on chip, telecommunication systems and data systems. In Zreyas Techbology Inc, as a CTO, I lead the innovation and development effort of various internet of things (IoT) or electronics devices integrated with Mobile and Web Enterprise System. My expertise involves deep R&D insight into state of the art electronics, wireless communication, data science, enterprise software architecture, sensors and telecommunication network. Feb 2008-Feb,2012: Ciena Corp., Maryland, USA Principal Engineer, Optical Transport Network Design Expertise include cost, reach and QoS (Quality of service) optimization of Regional/Long Haul (600-2500 Km) and Metro network of Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, British Telecom, French Telecom, Telephonica, AirTel, Bharti, VSNL etc. (all the major service providers of the world) using Ciena Network Design Tool (CND, CSDT) and Nortel Network Design Tools (OM, Dlight and Gosym) involving Ciena 4200/ CS system and Nortel 6500 CPL & OME systems. Modeling of Transport box products such as 6500, 4200 and Core-Stream. In depth knowledge of system engineering of Optical hardware and optical control plane. Designing optical network architectures considering all kinds of limitations ( and bugs) in Optical hardware, control plane, cost and performance optimization. Studies of the requirements of the customers for development of Transport algorithms for Network Cost Optimization involving 40G coherent Polmux DQPSK and 100G Coherent Polmux DQPSK. Power and OSNR balancing algorithms for hybrid network of 10G, 40G and 100G. Development of Poltracker model for Polarization Multiplex system to mitigate SOP rotation issues in 100G. Jan,2007-Jan, 2008 Marshall Media Inc.,CA,USA Core R&D Telecom System Engineering Development of Content delivery network for gaming, HD video conferencing and movie editing. Worked on developing a superior HD video conferencing platform for Telemedicine complying with H 323. Fully familiar with Tandberg and Polycom HD video conferencing system and their patents. Worked with H 323 gate keeping which includes SBC ( Session Border Controller) & SIP. Development of next generation Fieldbus system ( EtherCAT) for streaming/gaming media and various automation industries over optical network (layer 1 & 2 ). Did extensive system engineering requirement analysis for layer1 & 2 architecture, FPGA (Xilinix IP core) implementation of slave/master device over fiber link, testing documents & simulation. GbE/10GbE XFP transmitter/OADM/link budget analysis for implementation of a proposed private optical network in LA metro. Hands on experience with collocating data center and its optical networking connectivity. Reconfigurable DWDM network requirement analysis of content delivery network for high bandwidth streaming of 1080p video. Generated RFI and negotiated Fiber availability for a small DWDM metro. Also negotiated the dark fiber leasing contract for development of Optical network over dark fiber in City Metro. Dec 2003-Jan,2007 R&D Optical Sensor Engineer Wedgewood Analytical, CA, US Endress+Hausser(E+H), Gerlingen Core R&D Responsible for optical design and innovations of Industrial optical sensors for Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemical, Oil Refinery, Power and Waste-Water Treatment. Responsible for product development (Product concepts through customer interaction, mechanical design, patent approval, FDA [Federal Drug Administration] approved material selection, FDA approved hygienic design, FDA approved Firmware design, ECL/VCSEL/LED based optical sensor design, machining/moulding and product pricing). Significant knowledge of optical image processing through CCD detectors. Also responsible for market adaptation of optical sensor product line of Conductta division of E+H at Germany. Development of FieldBus/Profibus protocols for Industrial Sensor Networks. July 2003 – Nov 2003: Procyon Networks, NJ Consultant Engineer Optical Fiber start-up in NJ Development of Optical Network Design Tool Algorithms Feb 2001 – June 2003: Kirana Networks, NJ A Bessemer funded Optical Fiber start-up in NJ Optical System Engineer Architect and principal optical system designer of Fiber Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers and Cross-connects at Kirana Networks. Responsibilities include: Design of Optical Transport Network Design tool for Kirana Platform of 320Gbps OADM and 1Tbps Cross connect for RFI/RFP response to Verizon, AT&T etc. Due-diligence on new optical component start-up: Investigated start-up optical products from a large number of companies developing various optical detectors, optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, detector electronics, optical switches, Mux/Demux etc. Architecture of optical sub-sytems using Lasers, LEDs, Optical Filters and Optical detectors like APD/SiC diodes etc. using Optsim Projection of specifications of optical components to the vendors based on RFI/RFP. Pricing negotiation of new optical products based on customer forecasting. Designing innovative test-beds for Optical components for its selections. Reliability and age testing of optical components Extensive use of Optsim for Fiber Optical Design. Nov 1999 – Dec 2000: ARTIS Software Corporation, Turin, Italy Optical System Engineer Now acquired by R-Soft Design Group,NYC Developed world’s most popular Optical Transmission System design software Optsim’s first R1.0 version. Developed DWDM simulation models on Optsim for ARTIS clients (Lucent, Tycom, Alcatel, Nortel…All reputed system vendors in the world). Aug 1996 – Dec 2000: Sponsored Research project, IIT-KGP/UCL, London /Univ. of Parma, Italy Optical Research Scientist Project Name: Development of wavelength routed all optical networks (DAWRON): Experience: Nonlinear optical effects in DWDM systems and their impact on Network deployment strategy Education: PhD (1996-2001), Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Dissertation: Non-linear impairment in Optical Communication Systems (Impact of Nonlinear optical effects in DWDM on Coherent and direct-detection receivers) MS (1996), Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics & Optical Electronics BS (1994), Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Key Software experience: Optical Software: Optsim [ one of the founding developer in Turin, Italy], VPI Transmission maker, ZEMAX (4-5 years of experience), OSLO, Code-V, CND, OM, CSDT SAP R3: PP2/ CS01, CS02,CS03, CA01,CA02,CA03 F90 ,C,C++ MS: Power-point, VISIO expert Analytic: Matlab, R Publications: Recent Publication 2010 B.Pal, L. Zhong, E. Bermester and H. Sardesai “ A statistical model for cost optimization of ROADM in 40G DQPSK networks” OFC2010, San Diego, USA, March 2010 2009 B.Pal et al “ A third order characterization of dispersion compensating gratings for 40G DQPSK systems” OFC2009, San Diego, USA, March 2009 Journals B. Pal, R. Gangopadhyay and G. Prati “ Analytic evaluation of the transmission system penalty in heterodyne Optical CPFSK system “ IEEE J. of Lightwave Technology, USA, April 2000. B. Pal, R. Gangopadhyay Performance Evaluation of WDM angle modulated systems with and without dispersion confirmation, IEE Proc. on Optoelectronics,U.K., (2003) R. Gangopadhyay, S. P. Majumdar, B. Pal and R. Dimuro “ Analytic evaluation of the Chromatic dispersion penalty in heterodyne optical CPFSK system” J. of Optical Communication, Germany, June 1999 S. P. Majumdar, R. Gangopadhyay, B. Pal and R. Dimuro “ Sensitivity penalty for a direct detection CPFSK receiver due to laser phase noise and Chromatic dispersion “ J. of Optical Communication, Germany, June 1999 Islam, S. P. Majumder, B. Pal and R. Gangopadhyay “ Performance analysis of a WDM Ring Network in presence of Chromatic dispersion and Self-phase modulation” J. of Optical Communication, Germany, September-October,1999 Conference B. Pal, R. Gangopadhyay and S. P. Majumdar “Evaluation by matrix method heterodyne CPFSK transmission penalty due to GVD,SPM and ASE noise” Proc. Of IEEE LEOS, Conf. Florida, Nov, 1998. R. Gangopadhyay, B. Pal and S. P. Majumdar “ Evaluation of penalty due to Chromatic dispersion and Self-phase modulation in CPFSK transmission systems by matrix analysis approach” Proc. APCC/ICCS Conference, Singapore, Nov, 1998. S. Chandra, R. Gangopadhyay and B. Pal “ Impact of Polarization Mode Dispersion in an IMDD optical transmission system in presence of timing uncertainty “ Photonics,2000 Calcutta. B. Pal, S. Chandra and R. Gangopadhyay “ Performance analysis of homodyne PSK transmission system in presence of Intersymbol Interference due to GVD and non-linearity” ICCD2000 Kharagpur B. Pal and R. Gangopadhyay “ BER evaluation of heterodyne CPFSK system” Proc. Of Photonics, Delhi, 1998 B.Pal “Evaluation of Transmission Performance of an Angle Modulated System Impaired by Group Velocity Induced Self-Phase Modulation” National Conference on Communication, 1999, IIT-Kharagpur. BOOK: Optical Networking Springer-Verlag, London Edited by A. Bononi (two chapters in the book) 1999 B. Pal, R. Gangopadhyay and G. Prati “ Analytic evaluation of transmission penalty due to Group Velocity Dispersion, Self-phase Modulation and Amplifier noise in Optical Heterodyne CPFSK systems” The 11th Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communication, Italy,1999 B. Pal, R. Gangopadhyay and G. Prati “ Matrix analysis for the performance evaluation of the WDM systems with and without dispersion compensation” The 11th Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communication, Italy,1999 Optical Networks and Technologies Edited by Ken-lichi Kityama 2004 Dynamic BER performance monitoring of WDM systems using a sum-of-Gaussian technique Prentice Hall, Delhi Information Technology Edited by Ajoy Roy 2002 B. Pal “Development of telecom infrastructure with the evolution of all optical networking”
Department Telecommunication and Electronics  
Focus Telecommunication and Electronics  
Skills Applied Mathematics, Computer Software, Computer Architecture, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Digital Media, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Quantum Computing, Solid State Devices, Algorithms and Complexity, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Signal Processing, Wireless and Sensor Networks, Sensors, Radio Frequency (RF), Optics, Low-power microelectronics, Embedded Devices, Product Design, Pharmacogenomics, Computer Forensics, Software as a service (SaaS), Machine Learning, Optoelectronics, Big Data, Telecommunications, Semiconductors  

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