Apr 5, 2012Science and Technology
DNA marker indicates if ovarian cancer treatment will be successful

Researchers of North Shore-LIJ Health System and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research discovered that microRNA, a genetic marker embedded in DNA, indicates if tumor in ovarian cancer is benign or cancerous, which could help determine the best treatment plan for ovarian cancer patients. Iuliana Shapira, MD, director of the Cancer Genetics Program at the Monter Cancer Center said that with the discovery, doctors will be able to predict the success of chemotherapy for stage III ovarian cancer patients, like they can now for stage I. The research conducted found that microRNA-195 increased 40 fold during chemotherapy and microRNA-16 increased 80 fold during chemotherapy. According to Annette Lee, PhD, associate investigator at the Feinstein Institute, tracking microRNA changes throughout chemotherapy treatment has been very helpful in understanding ovarian cancer and determining the best treatment for ovarian cancer patients giving them maximum benefit and minimal side effects.

Relevant Locations: Chicago, IL, USA
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