Mikele Bicolli
Jul 22, 2023

Google Faces $338.7 Million Verdict in Chromecast Patent Lawsuit | Impact of Expert Witnesses in Litigation

Created at Jul 22, 2023, 1:28pm PDT


Google has been hit with a significant verdict in a patent infringement lawsuit related to its Chromecast digital media players. The Western District of Texas jury ruled that Google must pay $338.7 million in damages to Touchstream Technologies Inc., the owner of three patents that were allegedly infringed by Chromecast. The trial, presided over by U.S. District Judge Alan Albright, concluded with the jury finding all the asserted claims in the three patents to be infringed by Google, dismissing the tech giant's arguments of invalidity.

Touchstream Technologies Inc. claimed that its founder, David Strober, invented a groundbreaking way to play videos from smaller devices like smartphones on larger screens, such as TVs and computer monitors. The company asserted that its patents were infringed by Google's Chromecast devices, which allow users to stream videos from mobile devices and computers to TVs. Touchstream alleged that Google declined a partnership with them in 2011, shortly before releasing its Chromecast devices in 2013.

The patents at the center of the dispute are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,356,251; 8,782,528; and 8,904,289. Google had challenged the validity of these patents in inter partes reviews at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, arguing that they were obvious based on earlier inventions. However, the board has agreed to review the patents, and final decisions are expected in September or October.

Touchstream expressed satisfaction with the jury's verdict, acknowledging that its patents were confirmed as valid and infringed. On the other hand, Google strongly disagrees with the outcome and plans to appeal the decision. The case adds to the complexity of the ongoing patent litigation landscape in the technology sector.

This case highlights the critical role expert witnesses play in patent litigation and the need for parties to engage qualified experts to bolster their arguments and claims. The credibility and expertise of expert witnesses can sway the outcome of a case, making their selection and preparation essential components of a successful patent litigation strategy.

The verdict marks a significant milestone in the legal battle between Touchstream and Google. As the case proceeds through the appeals process, the technology industry and patent community will closely monitor the outcome, as it may shape future patent disputes and IP strategies.

The importance of expert witnesses in patent litigation cannot be understated. In cases like these, where complex technological innovations are at the heart of the dispute, the insights and analysis provided by expert witnesses play a crucial role in shaping the outcome. Expert witnesses can help interpret technical aspects of patents, provide opinions on validity and infringement, and bridge the gap between the legal and technical complexities of the case.

Expert witnesses can provide in-depth technical analyses to help courts understand the intricacies of patents, making them indispensable in patent litigation cases. Their testimonies can significantly influence the jury's understanding and judgment of complex technological innovations.