Apr 17, 2019Legal
LG willfully infringed patent covering “Plug & Play” standard in televisions

A New Jersey jury awarded Mondis $45 million in patent damages, based on LG’s sales of infringing televisions that support the “Plug & Play” standard.  The “Plug & Play” standard was promulgated by the Video Electronics Standards Association in 2004, and is a widely-adopted video compatibility technology.  Hitachi originally developed the patented technology, but assigned its patent rights to Mondis.  In addition to its damages award, the jury also found that LG’s infringement was willful.  This finding may lead the Court to increase the damages up to three times the jury award. 

This case is: Mondis Technology v. LG Electronics, 2:15-cv-04431 (D.N.J.)

Written by: Mark Kachner
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