Sep 4, 2014Science and Technology
Question: Getting educated on patents

Sorry for my newbie question but any help will be greatly appreciated.  I am looking for literature that can educate me on the patent process, what is patentable and what is not, how does the "do-it-yourself" patent filing works and the pros and cons of it compared to going thru a law firm, etc.  There are a few books on Amazon but wanted to get some recommendations from the Patexia community.




Andy ChuHi Kaveh. No worries, this is a great questions and I'm glad you asked. Here at Patexia, we've made some great introductory videos that can you get a lay of the land. Check out this YouTube video (and playlist) from our CEO and Founder Pedram Sameni: And if you need more help, try posting specific questions here on the Patexia Community or join the sub-Reddit which we help with as well. You'll find plenty of patent attorneys on both communities. Hope that helps!
Sep 5, 2014
Andy ChuHere's those links again:
Sep 5, 2014
Andy ChuThat's a great link. Thanks Eva!
Sep 11, 2014