Jul 2, 2012Science and Technology
Terabyte Storage for Less: A 3D Solution

Applied Materials just released a machine that promises to change solid state storage forever. The device, named the Centura Avatar Etch, has the ability to etch true three-dimensional NAND based flash storage also known as vertical-NAND or VNAND. Unlike the current Intel tri-gate transistors, which push up transistors on staggered fins and trenches to give the transistors more surface area, the Applied Materials solutions physically builds up to 64 layers of multi-cell memory on top of each other by “cutting” trenches down into a silicon wafer, etching transistors into the walls as is it goes. The 3D chips the machine can produce promise a huge improvement over their Intel predecessors and their 2D counterparts, shrinking prices and physical size while increasing memory capability. Chips made by the Applied Materials machine aren’t predicted to hit the market until 2014, but when they do they should provide a low cost high volume solution to all of your solid storage needs.

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