Mar 28, 2012Science and Technology
Toshiba releases P-channel and N-channel semi-power MOSFETs

Toshiba today announced the release of new semi-power MOSFETs. Three P-ch semi-power MOSFETs for mobile devices mounted on UFM packages, the SSM3J133TU, SSM3J134TU and SSM3J135TU, are MOSFETs designed to meet customer needs because of their variety of ON-resistance options. Toshiba has also released a new 4.5 V drive product, the SSM3K333R, for small mobile devices. This MOSFET employs the latest N-channel 7th generation process, is mounted on the SOT-23F package, which offers good radiation performance, and features low ON-resistance. Further, they have released a new product, SSM3J334R, for notebook PCs and DSCs. This is a new generation of their SSM3J14T for mobile devices. An ON-resistance and capacitance lower than existing products have been achieved through high-speed switching.

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