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IPR Intelligence 2018

Publication date: Sep 6, 2018

IPR Intelligence 2018

Publication date: Sep 6, 2018

Our popular IPR Intelligence report is back. This year the report covers all cases for the last five years (from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2018). This includes 7,751 IPR cases.

This year, based on the valuable feedback we received from our community, we focused mainly on rankings for law firms, attorneys and companies. We have updated our formula to evaluate all parties involved at the claim-level instead of case-level.

The 2018 Edition is the all-inclusive report with about 100 unique law firms and about 200 attorneys ranked under different categories. 

Some interesting highlights from this year’s report include the following:

  • In the last five years, 7,751 IPR challenges have been filed by various entities.
  • More than 1,100 law firms have represented patent owners and petitioners. This includes about 5,050 attorneys. Close to 3,300 attorneys have represented petitioners and about 3,200 have represented patent owners.

Similar to last year, we will provide a Press Kit and the firms will be able to have a press release or publish the badges on their sites. 


  1. When you consider the budget for outside counsel, the hourly rates some of the top attorneys charge, and the value of your intellectual property, we feel that the statistics and analysis provided in this report can provide valuable insights and be a part of your decision making process.  
  2. We can save you the time and effort of evaluating law firms and attorneys based on both activity and performance.  Our Data Science team has done the work for you!
  3. We distinguish between petitioner vs. patent owner experience and performance for firms and attorneys
  4. We include statistics related to the PTAB Judges activity and performance 
  5. The attorneys and firms named in the report represent the top 1% - 5% in their respective categories 

Please click here for our Webinar where we provide an overview of this year's report.  

IPR Intelligence Report (2018)