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Hello guys! In this blog post we are gonna discuss the portal maintained and runend by Sears Holdings called as 88sears hosted at official web address www.88sears.com.
The website/portal is meant for the 88sears associates or employees working at the Sears Holdings group. Now since their is a need to provide the employees working at any company with payslips, Sears Holdings corporation has decided to issue the payslips online and also allowed them to be downloaded online with does not require any formal procedure as used to be the case with the paper payslips. This era of 88sears payslips has paved a way for easy access to Sears payslips and also allowed them to be accessed at any time by the employees. 88sears not only offers payslips every month, but it lets is users to have a closer look at the monthly progress of their payments and allows them to compare their growth prospects of current year with previous years. Thus, 88sears leads to growth of the employees indirectly by acting as a self appraisal portal. The employees working at Sears can also make this portal to fulfill their needs by claiming the benefits of the 88sears by checking every now and then and also updating them regarding the issues and developments in the company. Employees can also contact their superiors and can get their support by anguishing their problems and get them resolved them instantly. Visit here for official website right now! 88sears


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